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      Benzene phosphorus thiamine

      Name:Benzene phosphorus thiamine

      CAS: 22457-89-2


      MW: 466.45

      Structural formula:

      Density: 1. 444  g/mL at 25 °C、

      Boiling point: 745.1 °C (20 mmHg)

      Flash point: 404.4°C

      Assay: 98.0—102.0%

      Appearance:  white or almost white crystalline powder

      Application: Benzene phosphorus thiamine is vitamin B1 fat soluble derivatives, improve the bioavailability of water-soluble vitamin B1 low shortcomings, improve the blood and tissue concentrations of thiamine, so as to improve the curative effect. Benzene phosphorus thiamine already in the United States, Japan, Europe and other parts of the world wide market, its dosage forms listed dosage forms such as tablets, granules, indications are: A. is used for the prevention and treatment of vitamin B1 deficiency; B. for vitamin B1 demand increase, with inadequate intake from foods supplies (fatigue, hyperthyroidism, pregnancy, lactation, during strenuous manual labor, etc.); C. is used in the treatment of non alcoholic wernicke encephalopathy; D. to treat beriberi; E. used in the following diseases, speculation and vitamin B1 deficiency and metabolic disorders associated with treatment, such as: neuralgia; Muscle pain, joint pain; Peripheral neuritis, peripheral nerve palsy; Myocardial metabolic disorders; Constipation and other gastrointestinal motor function obstacle.



      Test  Item

      Analysis  Specification


      White to almost white crystal


      A: IR spectra shows the similarity between sample and standard

      B: The retention time of the major peak corresponds with it of the reference standard

      Solution color and clearness

      Colorless to pale-yellow clear solution


      Not more than 0.053%


      Not more than 0.011%

      Loss on drying

      Not more than 1.5%

      Heavy metals

      Not more than 0.002%

      Related Substances

      TMP :Not more than 0.15%

      Benzoic acid :not more than0.1%

      Amide: not more than 0.40%

      Single unknown impurity: not more than0.1%

      Thiamine: not more than0.1%

      Total impurities: Not more than 1.5%

      Residual solvents

      Dichloromethane: not more than 600ppm

      Isopropanol: not more than300ppm

      Microbial limits

      Total bacteria: not more than100cfu/g

      Yeast and mould: not more than50cfu/g

      Escherichia coli: no detectable

      Assay(Dry Basis)


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